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Floor Screeds

  • Floor Screeding
  • Floor Screeding
  • Floor Screeding
  • Floor Screeding
  • Floor Screeding
  • Floor Screeding

Traditional Pumped Screeds

Polypropylene fibres are added and evenly dispersed in a screed mix. This helps to minimize shrinkage and cracking.

Anhydrite/Gyvlon Screeds

Calcium Sulfate screed which can be laid on insulation at depths of 35mm upwards. Areas of 1000m2 can be achieved in one day.

Accelerated Screeds

These screeds contain additives which enable the screed to dry more quickly so that floor coverings can be laid sooner.

Polymer Screeds

Polymer Modified Screeds are designed where high strength and durability are critical. They are suitable for areas where heavy machinery and traffic are in use. It is a water resistant system created by blending a polymer admixture to a strong sand and cement screed.

Levelling/Smoothing Screeds

Renovation  – Fibre reinforced self-levelling compound designed for the renovation/refurbishment of existing floor substrates. For use in both commercial and domestic situations.

Latex – Two-component, self-levelling and smoothing compound with high compressive strength and low odour.

For levelling differences of 1-10 mm internally on new and existing substrates to prepare them for any type of floor covering.

Underlayment Screeds – single component, pre mixed, high strength and protein-free self-levelling cement based flooring compound that can be applied both by hand or by pump.

Industrial – Uses  For Fast Track refurbishment and new construction, for smoothing floors in factories, workshops, warehouses etc. where there is a demand for a smooth surface. These toppings may be used alone or with a seal coat/resin flooring systems

Damp Proof Membranes

Surface damp proof membranes are used to control residual construction moisture and allow for the early installation of moisture sensitive floor finishes 

Insulations & Acoustic systems

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